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Care Instructions

Please remember all items are handmade! Each item is professionally sewn and serged to ensure the best quality and durability possible.

To ensure the longevity of these delicate items please follow these simple care instructions:

1. Wash with mild soap and cold water on gentle cycle, inside out.

2. Lay flay to dry or line hang

3. If necessary, use a warm iron with setting on cotton

4. If items are put in the dryer there are chances of shrinkage or items being misshaped due to the delicate fabrics used.

Leggings, cardigans, bummies and hoodies are machine washable, please follow simple steps above.

Scarves, beanies and bloomers are machine washable, please follow simple instructions above.

Cotton rompers with ribbon/rope ties: DO NOT put these items in the dryer. Any rompers with ribbon or rope ties should be hand washed and lay flat to dry. Do not iron over ribbon. These precautions are necessary to extend lifespan on your item. Doing otherwise may result in fraying and unraveling of ribbon.